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Engraved Cutting Boards as Wedding Favors

Engraved Cutting Boards as Wedding Favors

July 15, 2016

Engraved Cutting Boards as Wedding Favors

You would be hard pressed to think of a day that is more personal than your wedding day. Not only is this day personal, but it is a day that is immensely special something that you will want to have engrained into your memory for years to come. Your wedding day is a day in which you are placed center stage, and you get to show the whole world the entire breadth of your personality and creativity. This day is about you, and you get to express yourself in unimaginable ways. 
One creative way that you can personalize your wedding day is through custom engraving. The great thing is that you can engrave almost everything. 

Unique Ways to Use Engraving at Your Wedding 

While everyone at your wedding and the subsequent events will be lucidly aware of who is being celebrated, this is that one time where you get to make your indelible impression on an event in the most personal way. Custom engraving allows you to engrave special messages and images on almost anything, including wine bottles, decorations, champagne flutes, wine glasses and more. You can even monogram the china for the reception. There are literally infinite possibilities. 

With Engraved Wooden Cutting Boards 

When you are thinking about wedding decorations and items that you can engrave in order to give your big day that personal touch, it is unlikely that you have considered using engraved cutting boards by

Wood is one of the best surfaces to engrave, and the relatively soft surface of wood cutting boards allows for a high level of creativity. Although using wood cutting boards as a wedding favor may not make practical sense, in most cases, using them as wedding favors for your guest is both creative and practical. First of all, almost everyone can use an additional wooden cutting board. Imagine your guests not only receiving a wooden cutting board as one of their favors, but also having something personal from you engraved on it. You can engrave everything from your image to their name. Additionally, you can buy quality wooden cutting boards in bulk from at an affordable cost, allowing you to add that personal touch to your wedding that people will be talking about for years.

Yes, you can provide a number of different items as favors to your bridal party and family, but creativity that includes personalization is indicative of a level of care and appreciation that will be felt by your guests. It will be the topic of discussion when everyone gets together for years to come. Customer engraving allows you to set your wedding apart from any other that came before it. It may even ignite a trend in which custom engraved cutting boards will become a wedding tradition. Remember, it is your day; make it as unique and special as you can. You will forever remember it, and your guests will be eternally appreciative. 

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