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Delicious and Elegant Christmas Treats

Delicious and Elegant Christmas Treats

December 20, 2016

Delicious and Elegant Christmas Treats

This holiday season has finally arrived! Kids are getting excited for Santa Clause, teenagers are looking forward to some time off school and the adults are anxious to get their celebration on. For most people, the holiday season is something you look forward to. There’s no better feeling then sitting beside a warm fire with a glass of hot cocoa and a special Christmas treat in your hands. Following is a list of some incredible holiday deserts to get you inspired and in the Christmas spirit.

Snow Globe Cupcakes

You won’t be able to believe you’re eyes when you see this impressive and completely edible snow globe cupcake. All that’s needed to create this beautiful holiday treat is cupcake mix, your choice of trinkets to fill the snow globes and an edible gelatin bubble. This treat is sure to leave everyone talking even after your get together.

Recipe available on Sugar Hero  

Christmas Tree Krispie Treat

Christmas tree decorations take a turn with these fun to make treats! Rice Krispie cereal, melted marshmallow, chocolate decorations, candy and a little color all put together create a beautiful Christmas tree that’s almost too nice to eat!

Recipe available on OMG Chocolate Desserts  

Snowflake Peppermint Bark

There’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit then by making these adorable peppermint-covered chocolate snowflakes. Both delicious and really simple to make, this recipe will quickly become one of your favorite go-to’s during this winter season.

Recipe available on Baked By Rachel

Chocolate Pinecones

For all of those who aren’t too crazy about baking, this easy to do recipe is perfect for you! Cereal, pretzels, peanut butter and Nutella get built into an elegant yet edible pinecone. All that you must do is simply mix and assemble. Place the pinecones on a tray then sprinkle on powdered sugar for an elegant dinner table display.

Recipe available on Hand Made Charlotte

Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups

Make something unique and delicious that’s sure to leave everyone talking with these hot chocolate cookie cups. Although this holiday recipe takes longer to make then the previous ones mentioned, this sugar cookie dough filled with hot chocolate ganache, mini marshmallows and a pretzel as the handle certainly make it worth the effort.

Recipe available on The Gunny Sack

Get into the holiday mood with any one of these delicious yet elegant treats. Not only are all of these extremely fun to make, but they also prove to be killers at any sort of holiday get-togethers. 

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