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Wood Decor with Cutting Boards

Wood Decor with Cutting Boards

April 12, 2019

Engraved Cutting Boards, Hardwood cutting boards, Personalized cutting boards

One of the main advantages of hardwood cutting boards over plastic or glass is the fact that their rustic look is quite intriguing. Due to their beautiful appearance, cutting boards are often used not only in the kitchen, but also as a part of house decor. Sure, we had ideas like having cutting boards against the kitchen walls, but today, this trend has spread, and it’s become quite desirable to use cutting boards as decor for the entire home. Read on and find out how and why!

Top 3 Ways to Incorporate Cutting Boards into your Decor

Wall Decor

This is probably one of the most usual ways of using wooden cutting boards as home decor. Hardwood cutting boards made out of maple, cherry, or walnut, age gorgeously and your wall seems like a good location for them. Cutting boards as a wall decor will add a rich visual flavour to your living room or kitchen which is why these decor pieces are a straightforward choice for a lot of interior designers. These boards can be personalized and engraved with almost anything you’d like. Consider adding a quote or family picture to your wall after it’s been engraved on a wooden cutting board!


Check the internet and you’ll see how a wooden cutting board can help your interior design. The board’s simplistic design and lovely texture will fit most home styles. If you’re short on ideas, browse the internet for inspiration, since it’s still not too late to board the train of using boards as a centerpiece.

Serving Board

There’s a lot of ideas we’d like to share with you. Over the last few years, wooden boards became a go-to for a considerable number of restaurants, and the customers have responded well to this innovative method of serving food. When it comes to your home, you probably won’t have a numerous amount of choices as restaurant owners do. However, that shouldn’t stop you from creating innovative and mouth-watering charcuteries!

From cheese and meat all the way to vegetables and fruit, wooden boards are a perfect way to impress your guests and make your Easter feast as elegant as they get.

Start Following the Latest Decor Trend This Easter

With Easter just around the corner, you want to make sure that your home is well-equipped and kind on the eyes during the holiday season. Each year brings out something new, and hopefully, you’ve acknowledged all the ways you can use cutting boards for decorating your home or office space. Check out our latest models of personalized hardwood cutting boards today!

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