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Taking Care of your Cutting Board

Taking Care of your Cutting Board

August 10, 2018

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We’re all aware that wooden cutting boards are both safer and more elegant than glass and plastic boards. However, not many people are aware that a wood cutting board needs a bit more love and care than most items in your kitchen drawers. Luckily, we’re here to give you some tips on how to maintain your cutting board and ensure it last for the years to come.

5 Simple Tips To Make Your Cutting Board Last

Wood cutting board care is a process that doesn’t require much skill but can bring you a plethora of benefits. Washing, oiling, sanding, sanitizing and using separate cutting boards are the five steps to making your personalized wood cutting board last a lifetime.

Washing your Cutting Boards

When it comes to cleaning your cutting boards after each use, using soap and warm water to wash both sides of the board is the best way. Rinse the board with hot water and immediately wipe it with a dry cloth, leaving it upright to completely dry off. Note that you should, by all means, avoid washing your wooden cutting boards in the dishwasher and submerging them completely in water. This could possibly warp and crack your cutting board.

Oiling your Cutting Boards

Next to washing, oiling your boards is the best thing to do to make them last. When we say oiling, we mean using a mixture of beeswax and mineral oil. This is not only important to avoid cracks and splits, but also to keep bacteria and germs from growing on your board. Make sure you avoid other organic oils and oil your cutting board at least once a month or more, depending on the frequency of use.

Sanding your Cutting Boards

Knife marks are the arch-enemy of the aesthetics of every wooden cutting board. However, sanding down the top layer of your board may help in the removal process of these pesky flaws. Pick up some sandpaper and give your board a new life. Make sure you oil the board once you’re done with sanding to protect it from further use.

Sanitizing Your Board

Cleaning and sanitizing your board will keep bacteria away and the process only takes a couple of minutes. Firstly, wash the board with warm water as you usually would. Secondly, sprinkle some salt over it and rub half a lemon over the salt in a circular motion. Finally, rinse it and leave the board to dry in an upright position.

Avoiding Cross-Contamination

Wrapping up our wood cutting board tips, note that it’s best to use separate boards for different types of food, such as meat, fruits and vegetables, to avoid cross-contamination. Using a separate board for cutting raw meat and poultry is a must, to keep the bacteria from infecting other food.

Simple Processes That Pay Off

Wooden cutting boards are an essential part of every kitchen and keeping them in good shape is always a good idea. Shop for personalized cutting boards on our website and use these tips and tricks to make your board last. It would be exciting to have your logo or design on a board you’ll be using for years to come. Visit our products page to choose your favorite model and design today!


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