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Bringing Maple Wood to the Sugar Shack

Bringing Maple Wood to the Sugar Shack

March 26, 2018

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After a year-long wait, the sugaring season is upon us again. Oh, the sheer joys of sitting down with your family and friends, to enjoy a hefty meal and an amazing dessert at a sugar shack! If, for some reason, you can’t make it to the sugar shack this year, try to make the most of this time by preparing one of the traditional meals at home instead? As a reward for all the efforts you put into cooking for your loved ones, why not treat yourself to an engraved, high quality hardwood cutting board? Use it to serve food on or as a beautiful addition to your kitchen. It does the magic to make your lovingly-made food, look more inviting and presentable!  

High-Quality Maple Wood Cutting Boards

Perhaps you’re hosting a dinner party at home to celebrate the sugaring season, with lots of maple syrup on the menu, or you happen to own a sugar shack and decide to do it there. Presenting the food on a high quality maple wood cutting board would create the perfect atmosphere for this occasion.

You’re probably thinking that’s because it’s the season of maple. But there are a number of other reasons for this, as well. Maple wood happens to be much more appealing aesthetically compared to other lower quality materials such as bamboo. Bamboo may cost you less but the detailed finish and quality of maple wood are in no doubt incomparable to bamboo. Interestingly enough, the use of a maple cutting board is not limited only to the kitchen space, but as an engraved, beautiful decoration or centrepiece as well.

Engraved and Rustic

Think outside of the box and stun your guests this festive season, by adding engraved rustic cutting boards to your home décor. Buying a personalized cutting board off the internet needs only a few clicks. Luckily, high quality maple wood cutting boards offer great diversity in their usage. You can use a cutting board to serve a piping hot pie on, along with maple syrup of course. You can also choose to spruce up your living space with a couple of fabulous, engraved rustic cutting boards. The uses are endless.

The Perfect Dish Sugar Shack Dish to Make

Chili Con Carne

What better way to get through the last bit of cold with a steaming hot bowl of chili con carne? Perfect for meat lovers, and easy to substitute the meat with more beans for a vegetarian dish, this chili will warm everyone up and its delicious to the last drop. This will definitely be the dish talked about during the whole sugaring off. To add a twist, serve it with an easy, pull-apart cheesy garlic bread for your guests to grab and dip into their chili bowls.

So, how do you plan to brighten up your loved one’s day, this sap season? Make sure to check out our numerous models and designs and order your maple wood cutting board today! Want something custom? It’s no problem! Here at Engraved Cutting Boards, we try to satisfy all of our customer’s needs. Contact us with your specifications and we can work something out!

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