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Determining What Wood Species to Engrave On

Determining What Wood Species to Engrave On

October 31, 2016

Determining What Wood Species to Engrave On

Wether you have recently purchased a laser engraving machine or you're simply looking to engrave a personalized design, the type of wood you use makes a significant difference. Choosing the right type of wood for laser engraving can be quite difficult due to the inconsistencies involved in wood. Even if you have the same type of wood, the engravings will likely vary from each piece minimally or significantly depending on the species of wood. The main aspect to take into account is to find hardwood that also has a good contrast Below is a few of the best types of wood to engrave on.


The strength of the laser engraving depends significantly on the resin and sap content within the tree. If the resin is low, the laser will leave a minimal burn, which is often not what people want. Since cherry often provides a very nice contrast and is normally a smooth hardwood grain, most people will agree that cherry is one of the best boards to engrave on.


This beautiful hardwood would definitely be another board that's excellent for engraving. It's unusual and inconsistent resin content often lead people to believe it won't have enough consistency to engrave well, however, it's light colour has proved to burn significantly dark most of the time and has a light streaking as well.


People often think because of it's dark colour, the contrast will lead to a very light engraving. While this is true, when walnut is properly engraved on, it proves to be extremely beautiful. It's also a good choice for those people who are looking to incorporate their logo onto something without being too flashy!

When you're deciding which species of wood to engrave on it all comes down to finding first a hardwood board, then discovering which type has the best resin and sap content. The contrast will vary between each species of wood, which is why you should go with any of the boards listed above.

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