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Brand Your Brand

Brand Your Brand

February 23, 2017

brand your brand

While there are many ways to get your name known, sometimes the best ways are the small ones. Engraved cutting boards are the perfect start to branding your brand, making your name in the restaurant industry.

The Benefits

Great benefits to having engraved cutting boards for your company would be the increase of publicity as more people will remember your brand. If everyday people pull out a cutting board with your restaurant's name or logo, and like it, they will definitely recommend your brand and spread the word. If anything, when people see the great quality of your engraved cutting board, they see the outstanding quality of your restaurant. It’s called brand awareness.

Ways to Display

The easiest way is to ensure that all of your restaurants are using your cutting boards and only your cutting boards. It's always good for anyone who sees behind those kitchen doors to see you using your own merchandise. Other simple and stunning ways to use your engraved cutting boards are on the walls. Using these beautifully engraved boards on the walls will increase customer satisfaction and create an amazing aura around your restaurant. Plates, trays and menus could all be made out of your engraved cutting boards and could create a definitely unique and fun addition to your restaurant.

Keeping Them in Good Condition

Not only do your cutting boards need to look good, but they need to stay looking good. At minimum, a used cutting board should be cleaned, disinfected and waxed once a month. If you don't properly take care of your cutting boards, then they become cracked and disgusting, and not to mention a big waste of money. Gently rubbing some wood-friendly oil on top and letting it soak for a moment is a great way to get started. You can easily find wood-friendly cleaners and sanitizers that you can use to keep your cutting boards clean. Always make sure to only use products that are food safe to ensure no chemicals are spread from the board to the food. Lemons and salt are always a quick trick to safely clean your cutting boards. 

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