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5 Ideas for Engraving Your Cutting Boards

5 Ideas for Engraving Your Cutting Boards

June 22, 2017

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Sometimes finding the right gift can be difficult. You can spend a long time dwelling over what to get a loved one. But one thing is for sure when picking out a present is that personalized gifts are meaningful and unique. Whether it be for a close friend or family member, or even something for your own home, an engraved cutting board would add a special touch to a kitchen. Looking for gift ideas for a special occasion? See our guide for some heartfelt ideas.

Inspirational Quotes

We see them all over the internet now, but wouldn’t it be nice to get a little inspiration from a favourite quote right from our kitchen? Adding an inspirational quote to an engraved cutting board serves as a daily reminder that you can do anything!


Having a name or initials engraved onto a cutting board is a wonderful personalized gift. It is something that really represents either an individual person or the family. It’s more than just having initials on a board too. You can add a lovely flourish or gorgeous details that really make the board something elegant.

Special Occasions

Special occasions can range anywhere from birthdays to even a party! Thankfully there are awesome engraved cutting board ideas for all of them. If you like to host a party, why not put something regarding the party’s theme onto a board? If celebrating a milestone, a cutting board could always have something on it to mark that special occasion, like a date or a small picture. You can even have something for the holidays, with cutting boards decorated with Christmas trees that come out especially for December.


Weddings are the start of a journey between two people who love each other. Mark this special day with an engraved cutting board that celebrates the love between them! It is something they can have in their kitchen to remind them of their special day. A personalized cutting board can feature a quote or picture that represents love, like two lovebirds in a tree or traditional hearts, along with the names of the newlyweds and wedding date. It is something that will be cherished for years to come.

Summer Inspiration

When the sun comes out, then the barbecues and picnics start! If you like to be the host with the most in the summertime, then an engraved cutting board that celebrates the season will be a big hit. Even the shape of the cutting board can be something summery, like a mason jar with a quote or even board that has the recipe of your favourite summertime dishes or drinks.

Are you feeling inspired as to a perfect gift idea? Check out Engraved Cutting Boards to see a huge selection of boards in all shapes and sizes that can be personalized specially for your occasion. 

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